Victorias Secret Angel Credit Card


Why avail Victorias Secret Angel Credit Card?

The main product that has drawn the attention of a lot of people may be the Victorias secret Angel Credit Card. Victoria’s secret keeps offering scheme or the other to keep the people hooked on to their product. The angel credit card is one of them, it is really a way to avail a lot of many discounts for the frequent purchasers from the Victoria Secret’s products.

Angel Credit Card Approval Time

Very good news for applicants that do not want to wait on a application status. The victorias secret angel card is really easy to obtain. The entire process of application is really easy and can be applied at any of the store near your place or on their official website. Application on this angel credit card offer can provide instant approval decisions. Remember, it isn’t really true in all cases, where application information might not be complete, questionable or some other reasons. When applying online, the system will normally show your approval status shortly after submitting the application. The applicant has to provide her/ his social security number to verify her/his identity. This helps them decide if they will issue the credit card to the applicant or not by checking their credit history from the credit bureau they prefer.

So get approve with an Angel Credit Card you must provide every detail that are generally necessary when applying for a credit card. In cases that the application is denied, it could be because of low credit score or the application form is not properly filled up. And usually, credit cards normally take 1 or 2 weeks to arrive after your application qualifies.

Angel Credit Card

Angel Credit Card

This is a store rewards card, issued from World Financial Network National Bank. Store reward cards normally offer rebates on specific brand merchandise or purchases. This card is intended for consumers, or “personal use” with a fair credit history. APR’s may vary among applicants.

Important Rates

The lowest available APR is variable, and therefore the rates can alter as U.S. prime rates fluctuate. You can learn how to compute your APR within the programs conditions and terms. For example, you may be instructed to add 13.8% to the U.S. prime rate.

Advantages of Angel Credit Card Rewards

This angel credit card is really a store or brand specific rewards card, where one can expect rewards on every purchase they made, receive free gift certificates, or even rebates for the purchases. This credit card has no annual membership fee.

Credit Record Needed

In line with the FICO score recommendation, applicants should have a recently clean credit record, without any recent negative marks on their report. However the card issuer may expect limited discrepancies. A FICO credit score of 605 is recommended for a greater possibility of approval, but it is not necessary. There are a variety of other factors this issuer could also consider when creating decisions for approval.

Other Basics for Angel Credit Card

The grace period listed for that Victorias Secret Angel Credit Card reaches at least 25 days. So interest charges won’t be applied for purchases during those times. Remember that some credit card issuers will begin charging interest on the transaction date. This is an exclusively store or catalog rewards card, not a traditional credit card.

Angel Credit Card Approval Rate

Based on the latest users reviews reported to it receives 4.3 / 5 from 97 users. The approval rate with this angel credit card is average. Furthermore, if your FICO score is near to or higher than 605, then your possibility of approval might be even greater.

You may also consider offer details

Get exclusive use of sensational savings (worth over $100) for six months when you open your Angel Credit Card. Each dollar spent with your Angel credit card will equal one Angel Reward point. Be eligible for a Angel V.I.P. card status and receive a $10 Angel Reward whenever you earn your first 250 points making use of your Angel Card. Then receive a $10 Angel Reward Card for every 250 points earned. Plus, receive periodic free shipping and handling on qualified catalog or online purchases, exclusive discounts and bonuses.

Angel Credit Card – Angels Exclusive

Receive Angel-only mailings and discounts on Victoria’s Secret merchandise.

Birthday Rewards

As a member, you’ll get a special Birthday Angel Reward every year if your account is active.

Online Account Management

You can visit and register  here to find out more about Angel Credit Card.

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